Runner’s Euphoria

Last night I went on one of the best runs I have ran in a really long time. Earlier this year, I had trained and participated in the Rock N’ Roll New Orleans Half Marathon. It was amazing! I was really nervous at first due to it being my first really long run. Surprisingly, I did not stop at all and finished at 2hrs 15min and some odd seconds. I felt exhilarated!

Well, summer came along and it was WAAAAY too hot. Fall came around and I was knee deep in three jobs. Also, my running buddy (my 2 year old dog, Rhea), tore her ACL at the river and had to have surgery which strictly prohibited her to run. And here it is, December. The weather has been amazing these last few days and I have finally gotten up the courage to run.

I am a HUGE music nerd and I fully believe that music can defy your mood. It can also project how fast and hard you will train due to its progression. I personally love running to electronic music because it pumps me up and it reminds me of my very fond late night memories of music festivals and music shows. I hate when I go to other sites and their running list consists of top 40 music that has no progression. I need intensity!! These are my go-to tunes to help keep you motivated!!

1. Raise Your Weapon- Deadmau5   I really really like this song to start with. Its so intense! I like to get pumped with the first minute by stretching and as soon as the down beats hit, I start jogging. I also like that this song is 8 minutes, so its easy to already run a mile with just 1 song.

Raise Your Weapon (Madeon Mix) is just as cool and is a remixed version.

2. Come Fly Away ft. Channing- Benny Benassi An amazing song! I love to hula-hoop to this song!

3. Cinema- Skrillex Yes, Amazingly motivating!

4. Its Going Down- Big Gigantic  If you’ve never heard of Big G, get on that! Its a duo who remixes as well as plays live sax!

5. I Can’t Stop- Flux Pavilion  This will help you to keep going!

6. I Feel So Close (Nero Mix)- Calvin Harris A great remix from a summer 2k12 jam

7. Promises (Skrillex Mix)- Nero  I love this one

8. 4am( Adam K & Soha Mix)- Kaskade A good steady pace song

9. I Remember- Deadmau5 and Kaskade  A good steady pace and nice jam

10. Levels (Skrillex Mix)- Avicii  I love the original Levels, but it seems to be too slow for running

11. Silhouettes( Lazy Rich Remix)- Avicii Nice

12. Pursuit of Happiness (Steve Aoki Mix)- Kid Cudi Everyone remembers this song from Project X, but it is epic!

13. Bass Cannon- Flux Pavilion So Much Bass!

14. Breakin’ A Sweat ft. The Doors- Skrillex  God I love The Doors!! So I naturally love this song

15. Lines in Wax ft. Foreign Beggars- Flux Pavilion

16. Science of Fear (The Count AKA Herve Mix)- Temper Trap

17. Original Don- Major Lazer 

18. Pop Culture- Madeon Nice little pop song for your last song.

Ok, that will last you FOREVER!! I love music so much and I find joy in everything about it. Enjoy!


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